THE BERGAMOT Impress With New Single 'Paradise'

Published on 31 August 2022 at 15:43


The Bergamot have released their new single 'Paradise' complete with an accompanying great music video (see below). The song is about letting go of our devices and learning to live again and is arguably the  trios finest output to date. 


The band consists of Nathaniel Paul Hoff  (guitar and vocals as well as piano and harmonica), Jillian Speece (vocals) and Cameron Nagle (drums). The aforementioned pair met in high school in Indiana, USA and soon formed a great songwriting partnership. 


'Paradise' is an upbeat, country-tinged track that really showcases Nathaniel and Jillian's harmonies - Nathaniel takes lead vocal while Jillian accompanies the track perfectly. The song is a perfect, easy to listen to track - it builds to a catchy chorus before unleashing a really pleasant harmonica. 'Paradise' is a bona fide feelgood track that undoubtedly will get crowds on their feet during live performances - The Bergamot are due to support The Barenaked Ladies on October the 1st.



The Barenaked Ladies are one of The Bergamot's influences along with Tame Impala. Ultimately, they have their own sound and 'Paradise' is taken from the upcoming album 'Far Out' which is released on September the 30th.


Not ones to rest on their laurels. The Bergamot have been featured in a 'Rock Band' video game and they were the subject of a documentary - 'State Of The Unity' which won an audience choice award at a New York film festival and 'Best Documentary' at the Paris Independent Film Festival amongst other accolades. 

As the band says: Paradise is a song about letting go of our devices and learning to live again. There is no hope in chasing lies. The song was composed at a time when we could not move about freely - yet the desire to travel and see others was greater than ever." - we here at Our Sound Music are impressed by sound that The Bergamot have conjured up and their unrelenting work ethic.