THE LUNAR KEYS Release 'Once' - And Create Novel Charity Donation In The Process

Published on 6 September 2022 at 19:29

Photo: James Cumpsty



Once’ is not a love song, it’s a life song. Musically and philosophically, it’s a journey from the loss of innocence to finally facing your fears with others and beyond.


Admittedly, these aren’t my words. It is, in fact, a quote that the band themselves attached to their submission. However, I couldn’t explain the song better myself. Throughout Lunar Keys’ latest track, you will find yourself remembering how far you’ve come, from clinging on to the past to persisting with hope in the future. 


Seeking nostalgia through a steady flow and beautiful vocalism, Lunar Keys have mastered the technique of provoking thought in their single ‘Once’. The track has already received an abundance of success, having been listed on Amazing Radio’s first spin page. Additionally, the band’s previous releases have enjoyed over 2000 plays from more than 250 radio stations.


And with the production of ‘Once’, this trend only seems to be heading upwards. 


But there’s a twist.


Using their music as a platform to help less fortunate people and communities, Lunar Keys have struck a deal with media outlets globally. In the past, their epic track ‘Silent Ricochet’ aided the arrival of 600 trees (and counting), whilst ‘Stop This’ and ‘Oxygen Type’ raised money for the charities Nordoff Robbins and Oxygen respectively. 


This time around, it’s the media’s choice which charity they support. £1 will be donated for each of the first 250 reviews or airplays ‘Once’ receives, paving the way for Lunar Keys to be pioneers in the way music can help towards a cause that will help the world. 


Of course, this makes us want to support them even more, but at the same time, ‘Once’ is a great song itself. Featuring Synth immersion and captivating vocalism, it truly is a beautiful release among a plethora of hair-raising tunes.