JACOB ROUNTREE Releases ‘Definitions’ - The Listenable Underdog from The Indie Folk Group’s 2022 Album

Published on 7 September 2022 at 21:41

Words: Max Bradfield


Indie folk group, fronted by the eponymous Jacob Rountree, provide a dynamic sound on their latest album, 2022’s As I See It. However, one track which has recently pricked up many an ear is one of perhaps underdog stature. ‘Definitions’, the third song on the Washington state artist’s track list, has been making the rounds and Our Sound Music thought it best to take a deeper look.


Now, Jacob Rountree and his group are what you get “if you combine an artistic, contemplative soul with endless energy and adventure” – and ‘Definitions’ is a song on brand to the alternative trio. Described as passionate and relatable, the group come across as a multidimensional act with poetically introspective lyrics, a unique finger picking style and some top harmonies. 


Photo: Taylor Barret


Emerging album favourite, ‘Definitions’ takes on a brooding beginning as that signature picking style shines through. Symbols filter in, as does deep percussive aspects– setting the platform for a near haunting reverb-flecked main vocal. The tune is layered well and such mysterious grandeur that is present in the music, is reflected in the lyricism. The lead sings of how “The future is untold” and perhaps lays question to the world around him with: “One with society, prove your worth with a college degree”.


There is this certain emotive weight on the song and it could be this that people are relating to. As a song, ‘Definitions’ swirls and moves in an ambient fashion, presenting a near gothic, yet thoughtful soundscape. It's understandable why it has emerged from the shadows as a fan favourite and toes the line within the group’s unfolding repertoire.


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