Published on 8 September 2022 at 21:50

Curated by Adam Wright


Welcome to this week’s single round up. Each week the team at OSM pick out a few of the newly-released songs of the past week and create a playlist for your listening pleasure. We hope this list adds to your week ahead. Kicking things off is this week’s Single Of The Week. This week it comes from the Northern Irish band, Virgins. Their new tune, ‘Signalling’ floats out the starting blocks with dreamy vocals and synths before being furiously hammered forward by grungy rock riffs. The dreamy elements remain, though, creating a juxtaposing amalgamation of fuzzy instrumentation and wistful vocals. The song is a true shoegaze triumph, evoking the likes of Just Mustard and Horsegirl and its parent EP is not one you want to miss. 


Next up this week is ‘Shame’ - the new tune from Birrell Or Biscuit. The song is the third release from the band this year and spearheads their sound into a lucid and other-worldly atmosphere. It’s not as noisy as previous cuts, instead preferring to stick to a more stripped-back soundscape. It’s a welcome shift of gear for the band...The Dryas are next with their new song, ‘Run’. The Brighton based group have been making waves locally and this new one makes it clear how. Optimistic and euphoric tones form the backbone of the track while lamenting lyricism that focuses on relationships gives the song a reflective tone...Sticking with pop-inspired tunes, this next one comes from Wild Horse. The indie-pop trio dropped ‘Bitter’ last week and, with it, added to their refined and polished discography. The track exhibits a feel-good approach to instrumentation; bright guitar riffs carve out its core, while smooth backing vocals add to its listenability...Next is the new track from Steve Trafford. The solo artist’s new tune, ‘As Good As It Feels’ features nostalgic, ‘60s inspired sounds that evoke those of Love and The Beach Boys. Written in the height of lockdown - it’s the first release we’ve seen from the former Fall member since 2011. We’re all hoping for more soon...The next song on this week’s list is from Dives. The single, titled ‘Say’, is a late contender for your summer playlist. It exhibits a surf-pop sound; complete with glimmering vocals and catchy guitar lines. The lyrics - which tell the story of a stale relationship - ensure the song retains a distinct relatability. A great teaser for the band’s second album - due out next month...Finally this week is the new tune from solo artist Sophia Alexa. The singer’s new track, ‘Before I Go’ is a further taste of her second EP. It showcases subtle instrumentation with a wistful vocal to match. Sounding like a blend of Olivia Rodrigo or Joni Mitchell, the London-based singer has added a gem to her back catalogue.


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