Rising Rock Outfit UNDER ONE SUN Present Their Latest Work ‘Newborn Day’

Published on 11 September 2022 at 18:08

Words: Max Bradfield


Emerging rock group Under One Sun burst out of Southend, Essex back in 2020 and have been pushing out an exuberant brand of 90s influenced modern alt rock ever since. Now, following their big summer single ‘Blood Paper’, ‘Newborn Day’ marks the band’s emphatic return. 


Admittedly, this one brings a new tone to their music – whilst trademark raging, passion filled vocals and self-awareness remain. Musically, ‘Newborn Day’ is an uplifting song from the very get go. The rousing ‘Wake up’ is enough to grab listeners, paired with driven guitars and a thunderous beat. It’s a tune built around a strong chorus and blistering guitar section. 


It sits laced with optimism and positivity. Within, influences are quite easy to recognise – from The Foo Fighters arena-like anthemic chanting to Pixies-reminiscent structure. There’s also a certain added flair with the inclusion of strings, padding out a strong conclusion to the track. 


Beyond the music, the band illustrates the message of the song. Under One Sun wants to inspire audiences that life is there for the taking and is something which we have to grip with both hands. Of the single, guitarist and songwriter James Khan (one of two founding brothers) says:

Newborn Day was written very quickly and is about taking opportunities, pushing through depression and enjoying the moments that we have in life. The chords and structure follow the late 90s rock formula. The string section was composed by Elliot Thornhill to give it a big theatrical ending and we couldn’t be happier with how it’s turned out!


This latest tune is a statement piece from this promising new band. Admittedly, the pride from the group is clear as they constantly improve. It looks as if audiences are reciprocating since their 2020 inception and now armed to the teeth with their 90’s tinted rock sound, the band are ready to grace further stages across the nation in the next year. 


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