CHARLOTTE HALL Releases Great New Track 'This Love'

Published on 20 September 2022 at 08:13



Very rarely are there people out there with a voice that would perfectly sweep through cathedrals in heavenly ambience quite like Charlotte Hall’s does. Her voice is much like that of an angel; pure and glorious. It isn’t surprising to learn that her musical background started from classical training as a soprano, which has shaped her unique blend in her own music. 


Through the release of ‘This Love’, Charlotte inoculates her sweet soprano talents into indie folk/pop layers to sculpt an impeccable single. Lyrically, it tells the story of a singer/songwriter’s dedication to her partner who is supportive of her music career. As they grow, the singer hopes to break through with her musical dream so they can see the world together.


It is sonically inspired by artists of the same ilk as Ben Howard, Passenger, Mumford and Sons, and John Mayer. As you are sent on a magical cruise through her powerful lyrics, you will not help but feel connected to the emotions that lie deep within the seams of the song purely by her angelic vocals and uplifting harmonies. 


Although it shares influences with many musicians of today, as well as Charlotte sharing that she was inspired by The Plain White T’s ‘Hey There Delilah’, ‘This Love’ is, arguably, a greater love story than any that can be mentioned from previously said musicians. 


While every love song ever created is somewhat relatable to all, Charlotte Hall doesn’t necessarily lean on cliché stories to bring about that element of nostalgia and reminiscence.  Instead, the choir-like vocals are entranced by an aura of heavenly harmonies to create a sound that feels like home. Sonically, ‘This Love’ generates a warm fuzzy feeling just by the way it sounds, reminding us of particular moments in our lives associated with that funny feeling we call love.