THE TOO LATE’s Debut EP ‘Sunday Lovin’ Is A Great Offering Of Things To Come

Published on 4 October 2022 at 09:41

Words: Max Bradfield


On Friday, The Too Late released their debut EP ‘Sunday Lovin’. Following the last time we featured them with their track ‘Psychological Warfare’, the Glaswegian duo present a growing collection to let loose. This cluster of tunes charts the ups and downs of a new relationship – and all the feelings in between. 


The EP begins with ‘Intertwined’ and confirms a chronological narrative as the listener is transported back to the start of the relationship. The Too Late reveal the excitement of a sun kissed romance in this self-admitted “infectious summer track”. A bouncing guitar riff and grooving bass line spark reflections of mid-2010s indie (such as early 1975 or The Band Camino). There is an almost teen love feel, like the two lovers realise they’re on the cusp of something greater – becoming intertwined. 


The upbeat nature continues with the second and namesake song, ‘Sunday Lovin’. Although seemingly positive and anthemic, this one narrates the journey of struggling with a non-committal partnership. ‘Sunday Lovin’ starts with reference to all kinds of girls before finding the one you fall for. Initially there are no feelings and a simple hanging out together with a Sunday hangover develops into something more. Things become harder over time and the duo explain: “Lyrics such as “Go out, be free. But leave your Sunday Lovin for me” highlight wanting the love interest to be single and enjoy herself but wanting her to be exclusive when it comes to those Sundays spent together.”


After this, comes ‘One Hit Love’. Here, The Too Late’s eclectic taste is shown, as a dance style beat drives beneath an echoey lead guitar and poppy keys. ‘One Hit Love’ almost washes over the previous track, as now the protagonist wishes to become something more. ‘Sunday Lovin’ will simply no longer suffice.


Psychological Warfare’ ties together this debut EP and illustrates that as quickly as a relationship can begin, it can be over in an instant. The final tune reflects an internal struggle and an emotive atmosphere of its own. This one acknowledges: “When the dust settles and the realisation kicks in that you will never be with that person you loved dearly, you can find peace in the good times you had.”


The conclusion to a solid debut EP, this one is even applicable to situations outside of romance. Striking chords with listeners young and old, this “hear a pin drop” track adopts secondary meaning of losing a loved one and the resulting heartbreak. As said, this versatile EP dropped on Friday the 30th of September. Listen via all online streaming distributors.