BEYOND THE SUN Mark The End Of Summer With Latest Release 'Get Myself Out'

Published on 10 October 2022 at 18:20

Photo:  Chris Borges



In the ever-changing landscape of indie music, it is hard to stand out from the rest. But as far as brothers Phil, Dalton and Colin Radu are concerned, they are that one band that is making a name for itself. Beyond The Sun, born from living room concerts for their parents at the early ages of 6, 8, and 11, has transcended as one of Canada’s most enviable rock performances. 


‘Get Myself Out’ is the band’s latest record, released on August 31, 2022, and it is an unfussy, amusing, and occasionally convivial track, which flaunts a natural sound to it. The newest single is the trio’s most unmixed, unaltered, unblended, and refined work to date.


Supplying a healthy balance of power bass, raw vocalism, outbound synths, and themes of picking yourself up out of depressive states, ‘Get Myself Out’ feels like a reward to the ears after a long day of getting by. 


While listeners will be captivated by the intimate lyricism that grips the track, they will also learn to fall in love with layers of guitar riffs and mighty drums that create the atmospheric tones throughout the production.


Photo:  Chris Borges


Over the years, Beyond The Sun has built up a solid network of co-writers and collaborators such as Eric Bass, Valley, Kyle Reynolds, and Karl Michael. Spending their early months of 2022 in Nashville, writing and recording, the band are prepared on all fronts to unleash a wave of new music. Starting with the release of ‘Get Myself Out’ is perfect, but there’s plenty more in the pipeline!