HOLLOWS Present Their Latest Single 'Ghosts' - Complete With An Addictive Chorus

Published on 25 October 2022 at 17:32



Cascading guitars that make your body move to the sound of the music, vocals that are passionately sung, lyrics that are easily echoed by you, and that age-old Manchester soul. What more could you want from a new single?


Hollows are the latest band out of the musical metropolis to produce new music. The quartet this month brought ‘Ghosts’ to the fore of the indie scene, and it has all the potential to soar up the charts with its oscillating guitar riffs and moreish choruses.


This newest song in the collection was written about the supernatural experiences one of the band members had when they were younger. It’s an introspective view on frightening situations and incidents that “may or may not have happened in a very old house in North Wales.”



With Sean Davies on vocals, Dan Dyson on drums, Jack Barnes bass and Liam Lewis on guitar, Hollows have an identity that will certainly levitate them into the higher echelons of the indie music ladder. Thus far, their pristine sound has travelled to a second sell-out show in their home city in 2022, support slots for SPACE and Peter Hook & The Light, as well as a headline summer tour.


They will go far if their future releases follow in the same vein as ‘Ghosts’, we are sure.


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