WILD HORSE Aim For The Top With Latest Indie-Pop Release 'Bitter'

Published on 2 November 2022 at 23:50


Growing up listening to 1960's and 1970's classc Brit-rock vinyl, siblings Jack and Henry Baldwin had an early education in great music, which no doubt has rubbed off on them as they trailblaze a path alongside childhood friend Ed Barnes as part of indie-pop trio Wild Horse.


The Sussex-based band's latest single, 'Bitter',  is lyrically about relationships and wanting something more serious from one rather than a causual arrangement - while in contrast the music remains upbeat and light.  The sound is very much fresh contemporary guitar-pop - Wild Horse have been described as sounding like " ..what putting on a new suit and lighting a cigarette to go on a night out feels (like).." and to us, that description fits their vibe to a tee.


With plaudits from the BBC, BN1 Magazine, and LA Buzz Music already under their belts, and a mountain of praised heaped upon their previous release 'Joyride' (including by ourselves!) , the music press seem to have taken the band under their wing and are reaelly rooting for them. Wild Horse have been putting the work in for over six years  - gigging constantly in their teenage years and learning their craft to lay a foundation for future. A work eithic that is looking to be paying dividends.



With influences ranging from Arctic Monkeys to The Jackson 5, it is easy to see where the pop sensibility of latest release 'Bitter' comes from yet also how the band manages to maintain a rock credibiltiy at the same time. We understand that Wild Horse are not resting on their laurels - they are continuing to write new material and to also rehearse their live shows which are gaining a reputatation as being fun, high-energy affairs.  


'Bitter', the infectious track from Wild Horse is out now and you can listen to the song below.


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