ATTIC THEORY’s ‘Narrow Lines’ – A Top Track With A Great Cause At Its Heart

Published on 5 November 2022 at 10:15

Words: Max Bradfield


Last Friday, alternative groove-rockers Attic Theory released their emotive new single ‘Narrow Lines’. This award-winning group not only brings the noise but does it with a compassionate streak as they’ve announced that all proceeds received from downloads from this track will go to mental health charity CALM


For this song, which narrates the tragic first-person story of looking out other a ledge considering the end, CALM is the perfect cause. The Campaign Against Living Miserably is a charity uniting the UK against suicide. Key lyrics of the song include “Take me off that ledge, I’ll tell you what I fear the most." The eponymous “Narrow Lines” are what the narrative has confined itself within.


‘Narrow Lines’ is a crisply mixed track and the clear vocal from front man Lewis Wright summarises the mental spirals we as individuals can experience really well. The grungy Liverpool rockers show a sensitive side and versatility with this one. Musically, there are juxtaposing parallels – like the fact a band as heavy as this can approach such a tender topic. Surging guitars and drums are paired with secondary more subtle, jangling notes that all help reflect the story so well. ‘Narrow Lines’ shows its ok to ask for help e.g., “Help me come down”. Vocalist Wright said:

Our aim with the 'Narrow Lines' song and video is to raise more awareness for all those going through difficult times in their lives. The lyrics talk about how you can feel like you’re trapped in a never-ending loop when going through troubling issues and hopefully the song will encourage the listener to reach out to CALM, who offer help, support and information to anyone who is struggling or in crisis.” Lewis adds “We are asking people to download the single from our webpage and unite against suicide. We know that the donations will not only help to change lives, it will also help save lives.”


To get support or access CALM’s helpline, open 5pm -midnight 365 days a year, head to . To download the track for 99p, visit the band’s website here