PRIMES Release Much-Anticipated Debut EP

Published on 12 November 2022 at 10:03

Words: Stiofán Bruce


Primes, one of the many indie rock bands that Scotland has to offer, provide a recognisable flavour of the genre. I suppose we'll call this a post-alternative rock revivalism since it makes noises that largely draw from the alternative rock revivalism of the late 2000s.


I find it astonishing that after only four years of being active, they have consistently released twelve singles throughout the last four years. It is not entirely surprising that their music is a little reminiscent of a bygone period. To their credit, the four- piece's debut EP, Colour, shows off their musical background and is a reasonably promising offering.


These six tracks are tight in the conventional sense and delivered with a confident attitude. Their debut EP's six songs are loaded with songs that reflect on the band's existence over the previous year. The album's lengthy start is ambitious, contrasting oppressive drumming and persistently appealing guitar riffs.


Although the vocal performances are filled with an audible passion, the vocalist is at his most powerful, accompanied by the most prolific of drumming, foretelling images of an eager band falling to their knees and crumbling under the emotional weight while also being contrasted by the uplifting guitars.


However, what makes Colour stand out so much is Prime's exuberant songwriting. Due to its soaring vocals and impassioned drumming, slow burner Colour nears five minutes is entirely acceptable.



When Primes are at their finest, they let more musicality into their performances. Redesign's last seconds are a good example of this, especially since the drummer seems to be trying to make a statement with his drumming by invoking a frenzied series of fills throughout this track.


Given the many positive aspects of Colour and the enduring appeal of indie music, particularly in Scotland, there is reason to assume that Primes have the potential to succeed. The EP's steadiness alone is enough to warrant listening to it. Primes are ones to keep an eye on.