ARCADE STATE Bring Infinite Energy On Latest Release 'The Lost Boy'

Published on 13 November 2022 at 13:27



Like a musical blackhole, the latest track straight out of Glasgow’s Arcade State ‘The Lost Boy’ is another powerful production from the powerhouse indie rock band. Using Halloween as the bedrock layer to a haunting and anthemic new track, Arcade State bring ground-breaking melodies and infinite energy to their new release.


Setting the scene with an ambient, synth-boosted opening instrumental that sounds more than less like the introduction to a brand-new horror movie directed by Stephen King, this incredible track is the first single from their highly anticipated EP ‘A Slave To The Waves’, which is set for release in early 2023. 


Arcade State is Glasgow’s best kept secret… Well, until now. The band originally formed in 2020, and, by the end of 2021, they completed their current line-up. Now, in 2022, they are the vanguard of Scotland’s impressive music scene. They are your one-stop shop to beautiful melodies, amazing choruses, and pounding riffs that come served with a side of delicious drumming. 


Receiving high praise for their first release of this year, and even more praise through the unveiling of ‘The Lost Boy’, you can bet your house on it that their EP will light up their career. 2023 is marked down on the calendar as the band’s breakthrough year. We are told that they’re exceptional live, and after rocking the stage at a sold-out show at Glasgow’s SWG3, the quintet is now ready to spread their aura across the rest of the United Kingdom.