CAMENS Release Upbeat And Socially Aware Great New Single 'I Concede To Worrying'

Published on 19 November 2022 at 11:23

Words: Stiofán Bruce


I Concede To Worrying, the newest single from the indie rock/pop group Camens, is a jovially driven and unfailingly upbeat homage to the indie scene of the 2000s, which bands like Circa Waves and The Wombats helped to establish.


Poltergeist and Illustrator, the band's most recent singles, have over 60,000 Spotify streams combined. Not to mention numerous additional DSP playlists and a tonne of radio support from stations including BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio UK, Amazing Radio US, and XS Manchester, with the latter awarding Poltergeist track of the week. It demonstrates the band's significant contribution to the UK's booming indie scene and the fact that they are now playing shows all across the nation.


It instantly establishes its genre as a crowd-pleasing indie rock tune that is sing-along-able and resolutely cheerful. It has the typical racing drum beat and exuberant guitar of any early 2000s indie kingpins.


The band's signature shimmering guitars and soaring vocals open the song, yet these instruments conceal a reality that is darker than the one that their previous single Illustrator explored. Although early listens could lead you to believe that this is the band at their most upbeat, delve deeper and you'll find a thread of hatred and annoyance at the nation's current political situation.



Speaking to Camens on their new single this is what they had to say:

“So many people live in perpetual worry now. Working full time for a wage that just about covers bills, leaving them with no real life or time to grow, relax, or invest in themselves or their families. It's bad and it's getting worse. “I concede to worrying”. It’s exactly that. I don't think I need to be rhyming the name of the latest PM with something abhorrent to be political. I'll just write about what they're doing to people.”


There is a sense of social responsibility at work, although it is not immediately apparent that it is a political song. Rather, it comes from understanding, compassion, and a desire for people to be okay during the widening economic inequality. A serious statement crafted with noteworthy musical talent. I really enjoyed this one, go have a listen and think for yourself.