Published on 29 November 2022 at 17:58

Curated by Adam Wright


Welcome to the OSM single round-up for this week.. Each week we select just a few tunes that have most caught our attention. First, of course, is the Single Of The Week, which is the new post-punk track from Lumer. The Yorkshire-based group have dropped ‘English Dream’ - a track that puts social commentary at the centre of its angular and gloomy sound. Thick bass lines sew scratchy guitar lines together, while Do Nothing-esque vocals lay down the track’s critical view of current UK politics. This is a band right at the cutting edge of the newest and most important sounds in the UK.


Next up this week is the Newcastle-based alt-rock band, Jango Flash. Their new tune, titled ‘Killing Time’ sees the band getting things off their chest. Mystifying guitars and restless rhythms form the backdrop for the frontman, Jack Angus Golightly’s exploration of addiction. The result is a poignant and inviting sound not dissimilar in tone to The Verve’s ‘The Drugs Don’t Work'. The tune comes from the band’s forthcoming up is solo artist George Hennessey. His new tune, ‘Prisoner’ combines the singer’s rock ’n’ roll and brit-pop influences to create a gleaming and soaring song that’s ready for the live stage. The release marks the end of Hennessey’s prolific 2022 and offers a sample of what is to come from his debut album, ‘If You Can't Find What You're Looking For Please Ask’, which drops in February...moving onto a pop-influenced tune now, with the new drop from Peak Low. The solo artist has dropped the dreamy ‘Invisible City (Dream With Me), the first tune to be taken from the second part of his ‘Golden Hour’ EP collection. Combining elements of Foals and The War On Drugs, the song’s soft production sees the singer in his element, crafting moods of gentle contemplation as he pushes his sound up is a band who’ve also had a busy 2022. The Southampton-based Regent dropped ’The Thunder’ last week - the follow-up single from their August debut album. The track embraces a vintage tone, complete with gritty guitars and soaring choruses. Centring around themes of staying positive through the winter months, the track’s message also adds to its is a track that’s sure to settle you down this winter. It comes from the London-based The  Blue Highways. The track, named ‘Tonight’, is a simple, folk-influenced tune with acoustic guitars shaping its sound. It’s a change of direction from the rock band who, by and large, make thumping rock tunes. They tackle it with ease though and show an interesting new side to the band’s sound..finally, this week is a tune that just seemed impossible to not include. It’s the new track from My Beating Heart and is titled ‘Come on England (You Better Believe It)’. It’s a world cup song, obviously, and sees various music legends - including Suede’s Jay Stapely, The Fall’s Si Wolstencrof, and The Blockhead’s Mike Bennet - come together to make a charity world cup song. It’s a great tune, and may just aid the team in bringing it home.



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