Published on 6 December 2022 at 14:00

Curated by Adam Wright


Welcome to the latest new single release round-up from Our Sound Music. We’ve compiled the following list of some of the best new tracks released this week. We’ll start with our Single Of The Week. This week is the new tune from the fast-rising post-punk outfit, Baudelaire. The band have been steadily rising out of the Black Country music scene throughout 2022 and their new tune, ‘Facade’ is a tune steeped in distortion-driven introspection. The song explores the sides of us we tend to hide, doing so with a ferocious and industrial groove. Believe us, Baudelaire are a band you want to be keeping an eye on.


Next up is the raucous new cut from Penny Rich. The track, ’Last Meal’, is a punky and self-indulgent and trashing take on the superficiality of the world around them. The song frames its disenchantment amongst themes of anxiety and anguish, creating a cathartic vibe to the song’s abrasive up this week is the solo artist, Dewey. The Norfolk-based singer released ‘Trees and Telephone Lines’ last week and the track’s gentle instrumentation and intimate vocals come as a soothing reminder that you're not alone. Capturing the mood of misty winters brilliantly, it also comes with an accompanying music video...up next on this week’s playlist is the new song from the Dublin-based trio, Just Wondering. The track is named ‘3000’ and focuses on feelings of wanting to be desired. Elements of indie pop and electronic beats account for the bulk of the song’s core sound, evoking The 1975, while soft vocals further its relaxed vibe...Sticking with solo artists for this next one too, which comes from Charlie Clark. The Scottish singer’s new tune is named ‘No Big Deal’ and is a fervent alt-rock anthem fit for the big stages. The fuzzy stripped back guitars carve out an intimate mood while soft vocals add to its relaxed nature. The tune is taken from Clark’s debut album, which is available now on up is the new tune from Berries. The London band have been making a name for themselves in The Big Smoke and the craggy, contagious rhythms that they're known for feature heavily. Infectious melodic instrumentation is foregrounded and pushes the group’s sound forward. The tune is taken from their debut album ‘How We Function’, due out next spring...and lastly, this week is a tune that’s sure to brighten your playlists, it’s a pop-influenced tune, and comes from Dez Rocksteady. His new track is named ‘Whitby Beach’ and sees the singer bringing a summary feeling back into the cold winter. The song features a bright and nostalgic sound and centres around happier and warmer times on a beach. A stand-out track from the talented performer.





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