THE LUNAR KEYS Release 'Maniac' - A Charitable Feather In The Band's Cap

Published on 5 January 2023 at 17:52

Charity-minded  The Lunar Keys are donating £1 for every review or airplay of their latest single 'Maniac' - for each of their last four releases, the quartet have done the same, donating to such charities as Nordoff Robbins and The Trussell Trust. 'Maniac' sees proceeds go to the nurses at The Royal Surrey Hospital, a place that band guitarist Steve recently found himself under the care of.

The track was mastered by John Davis (The Killers, U2) and the recording took play with Billy Foster at Snap Studios. The end result is predictably impressive. As the title suggests, 'Maniac' is quite intense, as the band say: "the song is about someone you know that preys on your vulnerabilities and gaslights you...someone that invokes the maniac inside of you.."


The Guildford-based The Lunar Keys drew great support throughout 2022 with their releases supported by various publications. For example, Tony Hardy, a Glastonbury Festival ETC judge has this to say:  "The Lunar Keys greatly impress with epic alt-rock anthems and trade in strong, direct songs with memorable tunes."


The Lunar Keys consists of JC (vocals & bass), Steve (guitar & backing vocals), Lexi (keys and backing vocals) and Dom (drums).


Since its release, 'Maniac' has amassed almost ten thousand streams and all of the band's previous releases have also captured fan's imagination for good reason. Their plans are to release more music, tour and grow as a band - something we are privileged to be a part of. 2023 is set to be their year.


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