ANCHOR LANE - 'Call This A Reality?'

Published on 6 February 2023 at 14:38

By Craig McInnes


Very rare do we have an album drop this early in the year that will be a certainly to compete for one of, if not album of the year - Glasgow’s Anchor Lane are that band going for that in my eyes and already I have a high love for a record and we’re only in February. 


This band burst on to the music scene with a huge bang and it shows with every release. I remember being instantly hooked from my very first listen to them being a regular input to my ears - this record will be no different. This is a relentless record. One that refuses to give you any sort of respite with its raucous, upbeat nature. It's the kind of album that every time you listen to it, you'll have a new favourite song.


Straight from the blocks comes ‘Stutter’, bringing the e every in pure alt-rock fashion. It’s really an infectious singalong track that just has a proper feel that I’ll have any room going and make everyone have a good time.  It’s a real strong opener to the record that is certainly maintained throughout. 


Title track ‘Call This a Reality?’ takes the proper dance vibes title with the bass driving the song into your very core before ‘Choke’ teases a punk-rock intro before launching into a hard rock, riff-driven beast of a song. Quite frankly we have a record here that gives you it all. 



Just when you think you have track of the album in choke - ‘Electric Karma’ steps up and takes that title. This has a very 70’s Hendrix vibe to it and really settles into that flick that runs through the record. The vocals have a very punk delivery. 


Sychophant Disorder’ does exactly what the song suggests really - this is eclectic and a cacophony of sound. This has a feel that the whole album is trying to portray. 


Final track and the bands most recent single ‘I Don’t Have Another Soul to Pour’ takes a-lot to get used to on first listen. It has a very strong link to early Funeral For a Friend but also has you questioning is it emo? Is it indie? That’s for you to decide but the track certainly has a fast scratchy opening to it and is a strong finale to a very strong record. 


This record is certainly a joy to listen to and the way the band are steam rolling through the scene, you’d like to think one day we’ll hear these tracks in the arenas they were made for - why not? This band have the ability to go the whole distance and this record shows they mean business. 


Anchor Lane are currently touring the UK:


 07 February                        Grimsby - Yardbirds
        09 February                        Plymouth - The Junction
              10 February                        Bridgewater - Cobblestones
     11 February                        Birmingham - Asylum 2
      12 February                        Stoke-on-Trent - Eleven
      14 February                        Chester - Live Rooms L2
                 15 February                        Milton Keynes - Craufurd Arms
             16 February                        Nottingham - Rescue Rooms
24 February                       Aberdeen - Krakatoa
               25 February                       Edinburgh - The Mash House