Single Reviews 07/02/22

Published on 7 February 2023 at 22:27

Curated by Adam Wright


Welcome to this week’s round-up of some of the latest and greatest singles from the indie music scene. We hope this list does its bit to get you through the week. As usual, first on the list is OSM’s Single Of The Week. This week it comes from the brilliant Opus Kink. The band made an impact with their debut EP and ‘Dust' is the first taster of its follow-up. Born out of several recurring nightmares, it is a vigorous and dirty tune. Featuring wailing instrumentation, chaotic vocals, and apocalyptic imagery, it creates an inviting world of chaos. Enigmatic to its core, it shows the six-piece to be in the midst of a further evolution of their sound. 


Next up is the Birmingham-based Paradise Circus, who have dropped their new song, ‘Sanguinem’. The song sets a fast pace with thunderous guitars and drums before haunting organs enter the mix, creating an intense and infectious sound. The track is a testament to the band’s continued permeation of the Birmingham scene and will be a favourite at their live on this week’s list is 'Let’s Just Leave It’, the latest from Open Arms. The tune features a looped rhythm section sitting beneath a bed of harsh guitar tones and flashes of electronic samples. The hazy and fractured vocal reflects its chaotic subject matter, which examines feeling emotionally ungrounded...The Slow Readers Club continue our reviews this week with their new track, ’Lay Your Troubles On Me’. The band have been making waves in their hometown of Manchester and beyond and the new tune continues the development of their post-punk sound. Amongst the darkness of abrasive instrumentation emerge sparkling optimistic synths...'When You Know’ is next. It’s the new tune from the South Wales-based band, Feverjaw. The track is an arching and anthemic track that feels made for the live stage. Taken from the band’s forthcoming EP ‘Intention Of Malice’, its driven guitars and drums make the band’s intentions for 2023 clear. ..London rockers, Outland are next with their new track, ‘Collision Course’. It’s a heavy take on the alternative pop genre. Drenched in big melodic guitar sounds and accompanying energised lyricism, it’s a commanding and captivating song. The song comes ahead of their debut album, due for release this year...finally for this week is Canadian solo artist, Rebecca Lappa with her tune, ‘Blue Lips’. The singer made her name during the first few years of last decade with several folk-inspired albums, but this tune marks the start of a new, pop-centric chapter of her career. Embodying themes that she calls ‘romantic with a hint of manic’, the tune features captivating instrumentation and ear-worm choruses.


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