Published on 15 February 2023 at 14:34

Curated by Adam Wright


Here we are with the latest round-up of new singles that have most caught our eye this week. Of course, we’re starting with this week’s Single Of The Week, which comes from the Australian trio, Big Words. The track, named ‘So Wonderful’ showcases the infectious writing of the Melbourne-based band. Taking inspiration from the likes of Frank Sinatra and Amy Winehouse, the song combines elements of jazz and contemporary R&B to create a colourful palette of pianos, brass and guitars that foreground lyrics on the charm of love.


Next up is the new track from Jonny Swift. The singer’s new tune, titled ‘Hollywood’ is taken from this third studio album, ‘Kalimera’, released last month. Released alongside a brand-new B-side, the track features bright guitar tones that rotate around a melodic indie pop core. The song’s parent album is the third from the singer in three years, with the latest effort further developing the songwriter’s sound…another solo artist to make the list this week is Teddy Clarke who has released his first single of 2023, ‘Broken Design’. The tune questions the modern world while trying to come to a sense of understanding within it, doing so amidst stripped back and instrumentation that gives his almost spoken-word vocal a vulnerable and intimate quality…sticking with solo artists, this next tune comes from the London-based SOMOH. The singer focuses on the big issues with new track, ‘My Body Is A Friend’ which centres around themes of body positivity. Following up November’s single, ‘I Know You Care’ the tune features a more rock-inspired sound than its predecessor with driven drums and empowering this week is the new single from Chalk. The Belfast-based group dropped ‘Static’ on Friday, a tune that offers our first taste of their upcoming debut EP. Abrasive and punky sensibilities accompany wailing electronic rhythms and thundering choruses to create a chaotic soundscape of cathartic noise. If you need an escape, this is your tune…next is ‘Every Moment’, the new song from Connor Adams. The track sees an indie rock instrumental core forming the backbone against Adams’ tongue-in-cheek lyricism. Centring around a core message to cherish the precious moments in life, the snappy guitars and to-the-point subject matter give the tune a distinct listenability…and finally for this week is Caesar Spencer with ‘When I Whisper In Your Ear’, a duet he’s done with Mareva Galenter. The song, inspired by Serge Gainsbourg, features smokey vocals, a gleaming string section, and retro jazz guitar lines. Playing like the soundtrack for a lost romantic film from the 1960s, it melts classic elements into modern production to create a seductive and accomplished sound.