TEX & THE BLACKCATS Return With Hard Hitting New Single 'Secrets'

Published on 20 February 2023 at 11:03

By Craig McInnes


Four piece indie/hard rock band Tex & the Blackcats return with a fresh new hard hitting single, Secrets following up to their October drop with Nightmare. Having spoke with the band on the build up to this release - you could instantly tell how excited they were to drop this and the hard work behind the scenes has certainly shown. 


Glasgow based, the band have had very good success with each single they have unleashed including their debut ep in mid 2022. With a clear vision you can tell this band want to take on the world with their incredible sound that’s just perfect to ripple through any speaker. 


The single comes with an extra special meaning with it being the last song to come with the bands now former guitarist Lewis. Singer, Alex tells me both him & Lewis wrote this early last year together - the songs touches on the mistrust of the media & government, a quite fitting track to the going’s on over the last few years. 


To the song and the intro to this is colossal in all honestly. A proper dirty heavy guitar riff instantly kicks in and all I can picture in my head is the pits this will cause at live shows it’s just insane. The heaviness just carries throughout and just screams dark sweaty venues. From the off I’m instantly hooked on this. 


The vocals from Alex are exceptional - right through I’m getting 80’s metal vibes that would not sound out of place on a Download Festival stage (or even floor 1 in Catty). Everything about this is just so strong in very way and the more you listen, the more feels I get the likes of Judas Priest, Ozzy/Sabbath and even hints of Motörhead. 


Alex also tells me the band are aiming to continue along the sound path of this track and quite frankly I can’t wait for what’s to follow - this tune is massive and being in the early days of their journey, the sights are certainly set on the big stage for this band and I can for one say that’s where they’re heading. 


Remember the name - get this band in about your speakers!