Published on 22 February 2023 at 19:15

Curated by Adam Wright


Hello and welcome to the brand new OSM singles round-up. We’re here again to sprinkle your week with the brightest gems from the indie music scene. As always we’ll start with the Single Of The Week; this week we’ve chosen the new release from Modernlove with their track ‘Only Ever Only You’. The tune, which is taken from the Irish band’s forthcoming EP, pushes the excitement surrounding this group forward. Bursting into full throttle from the off, the song features rapidly delivered pop-punk melodies and addictive rhythms. The band have continued to explore and develop their sound and this release marks a continuation of their fast-developing process. 


Next up on this week’s list is The Mosfets with their new track, ‘Sign of Affection’. The tune is built around a dream the band’s lead singer had in which the song was played on the radio. Though being born out of a dream, the raw, aggressive guitars, chanting vocals and a garage rock-inspired production moulds a sound large enough to bring about the abrupt end to even the heaviest of slumbers...more now and OSM favourites The Shed Project return with a belter. The band’s new tune ‘If You're Getting Busy (You're Getting Better)’  resulted from the band teaming up with mental health charity, WhysUp. The song centres around themes of overcoming mental health problems and adopts a soft-rock core and brings delicate melodies to the is Beabadoobee. The solo artist’s debut album gained praise across the board last year and the new song ‘Glue Song’ continues her rise through the alt-pop scene. Written on the road, the track is reminiscent of the singer’s earlier, more acoustically-based work. Soft vocals float atop a shimmering string section that adds to the song’s gentle nature and creates a comforting atmosphere of wholesome pop this week is a song from the Southampton-based Regent. It’s called ‘Let Me In’ and showcases a more mellow side to the band. String sections, melodic guitars and tom-heavy drums give the track a gloomy feeling but one that still retains the brit-pop-inspired power fans have come to expect from the four-piece. The result is a bold and infectious track that strides the band’s sound forward...the Portsmouth-based Hallan are next with their new tune, ‘Unwomanly Face Of War’. Getting its name from a book about women soldiers in WWII, the track reflects on the sacrifices and efforts given by such people. Rough guitars complement electronic rhythms and create an industrial, raw punky sound. The song forms a great opener to the group's forthcoming EP, which was announced alongside the tune’s release and is due out next month...finally, this week is the new drop from Flo Gallop, titled ‘You’d Never Know’. The track, which is the solo artist’s first release of the year, is a witty examination of Instagram vs reality. It features sarcastic lyricism that sits atop subtle keys, synths and upbeat drum machines that gives the song an alt-pop quality. Though delivered through pop-inspired tones, it’s a thought-provoking tune with sincerity at its heart.  


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