JOSH HOLMES Returns With ‘Over and Over’ As He Ventures Towards A Pop-Rock Style With A Signature Heartfelt Inflection

Published on 6 March 2023 at 15:49

Words: Max Bradfield


Singer-songwriter Josh Holmes is back with his latest single ‘Over and Over’ and it’s an uplifting guitar fuelled anthem that ultimately tells a story of the emotions that arise when you don’t tell someone how you truly feel.


The lyrics paint a picture of a long-standing friendship that the narrative wants to evolve into a relationship. That uncertainty of what happens next is an unignorable theme as the chorus repeats the titular “over and over” before: “it plays over and over that I didn’t tell you how much you mean to me.” 


Holmes’ warm voice and positive delivery makes motifs easily decipherable and really attempts to take on a relatable stance in this upbeat song. There’s an element of longing yet hope as to what could be. Yes, you can play various scenarios over in your head on what should have been said, but Josh’s sheer positive nature implies that the relationship still has potential to grow.


Musically, the bright melody and catchy chorus intends to play on listeners’ minds whilst the meanings play on their hearts. A real stand out for me, is not only the driving electric guitar chords, yet the writhing bass in the background – it really propels the song on nicely. 


Since beginning his solo career in March 2021, Josh has received constant support from BBC Introducing and other local radio stations, racked up over 100k streams, played festivals including Godiva Festival and Freedom Festival; and was voted within the top 100 tracks of the year on Radio Abbey with Paul Saunders.


This year, Josh is showing no signs of slowing down and is set to be releasing new music throughout 2023.