THE TRACYS’ Present ‘Bully Bully Blockhead’, Their Electric Second Single Of 2023

Published on 16 March 2023 at 17:47

Words: Max Bradfield


Punk outfit The Tracys have returned with their second tune of the year following the 3rd of March’s “A Soviet Mistake” and it’s a slice of punk true to form - this time the group tackle bullying in a signature fashion.


Blockhead” is a real nuisance, a bully a grade ahead at school and the band take a relatable angle, hitting back at the numbskull oppressor. With a slightly crazed delivery, a driving back beat and bass – this song encapsulates seeing red and fighting back. Standing up for the little guy. There’s plenty of room to inspire bully victims here. 


The song itself is only one minute and 34 seconds long, yet it’s an exhausting ode to standing up for yourself and could perhaps display the whiplash, flashpoint event of a good scrap. Obviously, violence isn’t always the answer, but the Canadian’s sure know how to assert themselves. 



The punk quartet of The Tracys rose from the “rancid shores of the Gowanus canal”. Raised by 80s punk, the band is fueled by Alberta native Dave Klym with monster hooks, pounding chords and blazing solos. On rhythm guitar, John Payne contributes grand harmonies as much as unscrupulous backup to Klym’s frenetic lead. On bass, the whimsical Larry Mancini – he pairs well with the “anchor of the operation”, drummer Matt Ernst. 


This tireless track is the beginning of more exciting things to come, with more music on the way. A full album, Welcome to The Land Of Nothing, will be dropping later this Spring.


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