Published on 22 March 2023 at 21:44

Curated by Adam Wright


Hello and welcome to the OSM new singles round-up. We’re here again to sprinkle your week with the brightest gems from the indie music scene. As always we’ll start with the single of the week; this week we’ve chosen the new one from Holiday Ghosts, who dropped their brand new cut ’Favourite Freak' this week. The track is a jangly effort that evokes the new wave of the late 70s. Sharp and bright guitars pave the way for lightly delivered vocals that emulate the New York punk sound. As is the case with the band’s back catalogue, there’s an inviting and triumphant quality to the tune, one that takes on a warm yet gritty mood and ensures it remains firmly on the ‘recently played’ playlists.   

The next track on this week’s list comes from Wolforna; a Leeds-based band on a path of development. Their new tune, ‘Break You’ showcases a deviation from their previous efforts, opting for a hard-hitting and punk-inspired sound. Ferocious vocals act as the vehicle for the song’s exploration of unhealthy relationships, while a heavy rhythm section and insistent guitars deepen its feelings of toxicity…next is The Institutes, who have updated their indie rock anthem, ‘Inside Out’. The new production features lush string arrangements and glimmering soundscapes that complement the indie-inspired grooves of the original. The release is to celebrate the release of a re-pressing of their debut record and succeeds in elevating the band’s sound. Hopefully, there’s more where this came from…next, this week is the new track from The K’s. The Warrington-based band are back again with ‘Chancer’, their second single of 2023. The track is a feel-good indie-rock anthem made for the live stage. Euphoric choruses and danceable rhythms are delivered with high-octane energy that fans of the band will know well. Centring around drunken loneliness, the track is one of the band’s most infectious tunes to date…Rolla are up next with their fresh new tune, ‘Hey You’. The track comes ahead of the band’s UK tour and sets the tone for their forthcoming dates. The tune is steeped in a Manchester-esque sound, emulating the likes of The Stone Roses and Noel Gallagher. Though bright and anthemic, the song also comes with a distinct bite, which gives it a rock ’n’ roll edge of listenability…the Derby-based Marseille are next with their new track, ‘Thinker’. Landing in the same vein as the other tunes on this week’s list, the song features euphony at its core. Gentle string arrangements, subtle acoustic guitars, and personable lyrics create the dominating mood for the track, which explores feelings of loss and regret; showcasing the band’s desire to develop their sound…and finally we have the new drop from David Kitt. His new tune, ‘Wave of Peace’ comes ahead of his ninth studio album and sees the solo artist fusing different sounds to create an ambient atmosphere of experimentation. Traditional folk music is merged with electronic elements to create an original and immersive song. ‘Wave of Peace’s parent album, ‘Idiot Check’ is due later this month.




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