Welsh Trio FEVERJAW Unleash Latest Track 'Sweetener'

Published on 13 April 2023 at 17:55

By Thomas Emory


With their second release of the year, Feverjaw are back to demonstrate why they are one of South Wales’ most promising up and coming rock acts. Sweetener is as intense as it is melodic, exploding into an anthemic chorus that is easy to imagine filling a live venue with an irresistible energy.


The second single to be taken from their upcoming EP, Intention of Malice, it’s immediately clear why the band saw' Sweetener' as a stand out track to give an individual release to, with its driving rhythm, hard hitting drums and hooky, melodic lead guitar.


This follows Feverjaw’s February release, When You Know; an equally engaging track that shows the band have a knack for strong choruses and far more than one trick up their sleeve, explaining why they’re developing a devoted audience and reputation for themselves.


The band is made up of Dale Hawkins (vocals, guitar), James Carey (bass) and Lewis Bligh (drums) and have spent the past year gigging relentlessly whilst crafting the sound of their upcoming EP. This shows, as the trio’s incredible live act bleeds effortlessly into their recorded work, to an undeniably powerful result.

With a resounding success in Sweetener, Feverjaw solidified themselves as a band to watch for 2023. Intention of Malice cannot come soon enough.



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