Polar Opposites: SALVATION JAYNE’s Latest Single ‘So Dull, So Quiet’ Is Far From It!

Published on 16 May 2023 at 21:37

Photo: Sean Hardy

Words: Max Bradfield


Salvation Jayne admittedly continue to push boundaries – growing their audience and deservedly garnering support slots for a whole host of reputable acts. Their latest offering is a fervent attempt at compounding their ever-improving repertoire on the alternative scene.


Predominantly, this one isn’t either dull or quiet. The surging lead vocal imposes a powerful presence with resolute instruments following suit. Furthermore, this shrill, draining performance from Estelle May plays nicely against the lightness of the backing vocal. Of course, in this track, the ear-drawing section has got to be the immense change of pace on, seemingly on a knife edge. 


We go from driving rhythm, pulsating guitar and tireless vocals – to a beautiful cinematic middle section. A contrast from the throaty punk roars of before, the song just falls off a cliff seemingly – floating within a new, far different gravity. 


Now, there’s an atmosphere of ambient near-electronic lounge music beats, twinkling synth before being catapulted back in. You could think of it as escaping a mosh, a moment of bliss to catch your breath before the song pulls you back into the sweat and heat of the baying crowd. The song ends with this throaty punk thrash euphoria before bam! The mayhem is over. 


So Dull, So Quiet’ came out back on the 28th of April and is suitable for fans of Turnstile, Idles, and Sleep Token. Get listening. Have a thrash.


From the band’s press:

There are moments of delicate beauty (with comparisons to Mogwai and The Cure), thick and dirty desert style riffs, other wordly atmospherics and massive pop hooks - all laying a solid foundation for  Mey's blistering vocals. Since joining Salvation Jayne in 2022, the band's sound has evolved even further, becoming more diverse with Mey darting effortlessly between beautiful glassy falsetto vocals and a machine that throws machetes relentlessly through the tracks.”


"Salvation Jayne coming through with the hooks and the energy" - Abbie McCarthy, BBC Introducing Kent.


A masterclass in marrying fuzzy rock heaviness and breathtaking vocals in perfect harmony” - Get In Her Ears


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