BLACKCATS Return With New Track 'Bottled Up'

Published on 20 May 2023 at 08:07

By Craig McInnes


It’s release time and back again with a fresh new drop - it’s Glasgow’s Blackcats with their latest banger, Bottled Up. Following up with their earlier release in the year with Secrets, the band return with another heavy number that’s sure to get rooms moving. 

Following on previous chats with the band, singer Alex expressed that they will be looking to continue along the same path sound wise as previous singles and this is certainly shown with Bottled Up - with such a hard heavy guitar intro, you can imagine in your head the mosh pits open up and things are set to kick off for this. 

For many the meaning behind this song will certainly hit hard - with the chorus ‘I’ve been bottled up for far too long, somethings got to give’ it gives such a powerful feeling to what has gone into these lyrics. You can even feel the passion seeping through in the vocals as each word is sung with so much feeling. 

Singer Alex has such an impact with his voice that it’s just an instant kick as soon as he opens his mouth - especially with this track, the chorus for me just screams Trash Boat’s, Tobi Duncan in the way that he delivers what he is singing and that is a huge marker to set. 



The more I listen to this band, the more I get early days Royal Blood vibes and that really takes me back to such a great time in music certainly - with their own modern kick to what they do, the music has that slight nostalgia for me anyway. The breakdown in this track is just insane and I can only picture a sea of heads banging along in unison as this ripples round rooms.

For me, this single is a statement for what this band wants to achieve. It has such a huge sound and kick to it that will leave an instant impact on so many ears, it really has to be a matter of time before it’s from Glasgow to the world for these boys. 

With the music on such high energy, you can see just how good these songs are in small rooms (while you can) as the band take to their hometown on the 26th May for a headline show in the cities Broadcast - it’s not to be missed. 


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