YOUR BEST NIGHTMARE Explains Her Latest Release 'Ghost Town Love' In Our Interview

Published on 22 May 2023 at 07:56

Photo: Jeff Crespi


We recently had the opportunity to speak with Erin Porter aka Your Best Nightmare, a talented multi-instrumentalist from New Jersey.


OSM: Your latest release, 'Ghost Town Love' is brilliantly dark - where did you get the inspiration for the song?

I had a story I needed to complete in my head. By the time I wrote "Ghost Town Love" I had the beginning and middle of the story, but I wasn't quite sure how to end it. I was inspired by the darker uglier side of loving someone.

OSM: What was the writing process?

I started with the little ukulele riff that you hear through most of the song, and I only had that for a bit. I write with ambient sound so my next step was sitting and letting my brain do its thing.



OSM: As the writer, what is the song's message or story?

The whole story I wrote is about love and vampires. I feel the message of the song is one of love, but representative of the lengths someone is or isn't willing to go for love.

OSM: When it comes to songwriting, who would you say were your main influences?

I love the writing styles of Joni Mitchell and Gerard Way. They know how to tell good stories.


Recorded in Nashville with Shannon McArthur, 'Ghost Town Love' is out now and you can listen to the track below.


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