Pop Sensation AMBER T Delights With New Track 'Contagious'

Published on 25 May 2023 at 21:09



Such as with a lot of artists I’ve covered recently, I had already done so in the past. This is the same with Amber T, who had blown me away with her addictive soundscape back in 2021 with the release of “Get Me”.


Now in 2023, she has returned to my Spotify rotation through “Contagious”, an even more compelling track as she teams up with Grammy & Ivor Novello Award winning songwriter & producer Rob Davis (Kylie Minogue, Fragma…).


Bringing a sound very much in style for the modern era, the 19-year-old delves into Drum and Bass (DnB) textures for her latest instalment as she lures listeners in with a fast-paced, uplifting track begging to be heard by the masses.



“Contagious” does exactly what it says on the tin as Amber’s seamless yet stunning vocals are the perfect ingredient to a melting pot of ambience and DnB that take grasp of a track bound to exceed 100,000 streams in no time, much like many of her other releases.


With a gift for crafting infectious melodies and catchy songs, Amber has been grinding out a music career at eight years old. But, really, she has still only just started. Away from an electric live circuit, she has been steadfast in writing and demoing new material and working on various co-writes to ensure her engine ticks over for the rest of the year.


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