BERTIE NEWMAN Releases Vulnerable & Evocative New Single 'Home'

Published on 16 June 2023 at 21:25



22-year-old Bertie Newman has this week released another emotionally-brooding track with “Home” - a personal creation that reflects on the Hackney-born singer/songwriter’s current relationship when it first started to materialise.


The deeply vulnerable and evocative single makes up a small but important part of Bertie’s stunning EP “Thoughts So Loud” as listeners are taken on a journey through the deepest and most sincere parts of his mind.


Music is a powerful conduit for those who struggle to defeat an invisible barrier between themselves and the rest of the world. This was felt by Bertie, who had to wait until 22 years old before his ADHD was diagnosed. Feeling different and not knowing why, he picked up his guitar and found a way to make the most of it through making beautiful songs.


The whole EP is a personal account of the battles that raged on in his head, and they all deserve to be loved, but focusing particularly on “Home”, Bertie said: “‘Home’ is really a throwback to how I felt really anxious about my current relationship when it first started to manifest." 



The talented performer also had this to say about the song: "I felt as if a mirror had been placed directly in front of me and everything that was good and bad about myself was being revealed. It is also, most importantly about how when you find a place of peace, then you gravitate towards it, no matter what that place is for you." 


He then goes deeper: "Firstly, I wanted to stress how incredible meeting this person was, and did this by comparing the best things imaginable in life to the most annoying things life throws at you however you are spending time with that person and ultimately preferring it to the luxuries of life - lyrics such as “hotel paradise” and “five star dreams” just aren’t as nice “as a rainy day, stuck in traffic by your side”. This then bleeds into the chorus saying “I want to go home” referring to the person rather than the materialistic desires." 


"The second half of the chorus really just explains the feelings that if she wasn’t in my life I would know how horrible I would feel as I was in that place before meeting her. Lastly, I wanted the bridge to really be that crying call of what you really want but don’t think you deserve - “you’re the air I breathe, so help me breathe” just highlights the desperate attempt to try and accept such an amazing person coming into my life. Overall, I wrote this song wanting to highlight the absolutely stunning parts of meeting someone so special but also the complications within yourself that come with it.


“Home” is ultimately a beautiful listen. Bertie Newman should be everyones one-stop shop for music that makes you feel


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