THE TRUSTED Release Landmark Single 'Doomsday'

Published on 30 June 2023 at 18:44



The Trusted are back with a psychologically apocalyptic new single through the release of ‘Doomsday’. The Southend-on-Sea natives have set about becoming a watermark on modern guitar music, and by unleashing this shock wave of a new tune, they put themselves in good stead.


Doomsday’ sees the band be their most serious and introspective version of themselves. Speaking of the release, frontman Tom Cunningham explained: “We’re living in a world on the brink of war and collapse, yet the song is about a more personal Armageddon. 


We all have our own, in-built doomsday clocks, and sometimes, our minds can reach a breaking point.”


It is this contemporary outlook on life as the news spirals in its same negative clockwork rotation that influenced The Trusted venture down a precarious path of vulnerability. But while the lyrics are noticeably different to previous singles, the soundscape delivered by the rest of the band still maintains that esteemed indie buoyancy.



Hypnotic guitar swathes open the song up to a roaring chorus joined by pulsating drums and jangling riffs. By the midway point - the climax - it is hard to imagine there are just four band members, with a sound replicating that of many artists we’ve heard in the past, such as The Strokes and The Killers, along with current artists like The K’s, bridged to a complete performance by the Southend rockers own flavours that produces an enormous sonic fit for a king.


The Trusted have built a repertoire of high praise from major radio stations, international media outlets, and local radio. You have to say, this release deserves to see that acclaim soar even higher. 


The Trusted perform in Manchester this September. Click here for tickets.