Blue By Name, Blue By Nature? BLUE WALKER’s Newest Single ‘Doom and Gloom’

Published on 7 August 2023 at 14:38

Words: Max Bradfield


Scottish singer/songwriter Blue Walker’s latest single ‘Doom and Gloom’ came out back on the 14th of July and it’s an impressive track that although sings of titular dismay, flies forward on a wave of chorus-soaked positivity.


This track from the artist based in the North-West of England begins with welcoming ethereal tones present in supreme synth keys. An acapella route is alluded to by finger clicking, yet it’s simple introductory fodder, blending in with the rising, near-organ like chords before Blue’s crisp voice works through the shrouded mist. 


Walker’s vocal comes with personality seeping through, yet ad-libs “well” and her laughing, poke a lighter side to a song which presents an admittedly troubled narrative. There’s even audience “awhs” synched in – however for Walker, the meanings presented aren’t as simple as the push of an FX button. Plus, she’s not in it for pity either. Through the contrasting approach between positive sound and deeper lyrics,


Walker aims to present her message while keeping true to her character:

’Doom and Gloom’ draws its energy from the ups and downs of being in and out of therapy over a number of years.  The sound and the lyrics of the song were created to be a juxtaposition of one another, with the end sound being upbeat and uplifting contrasting the raw honesty of the lyrics. Through the use of social media, I will be using various innovative ways to promote my music whilst remaining true to myself and image.”



After cutting her teeth in session work, Walker’s flourishing solo career has been powered by a keen understanding of popular music, utilising personal experiences effectively, while also drawing parallels to pop artists old and new. 


For me, the main, semi-euphoric chorus – with summery guitar shimmering in the back with a stacked set of backing vocals – elevates Blue Walker’s raw vocal ability. Despite a song propelled by the fluctuating topic of mental health, ‘Doom and Gloom’ weirdly arrives with a sharp summer sound and importantly, as an impressive early offering from the singer/songwriter.