THE LUNAR KEYS’ Captivating Commute: ’88 Train’

Published on 16 August 2023 at 12:10

Words: Max Bradfield


Guildford’s Lunar Keys returned with a new single in July with ’88 Train’. A follow-up to March’s anthem, ‘Life Is A Dirty War’, the dynamic quartet brought out another 2023 release – inspired by their own travels and experiences.


This introspective look is an attempt at reflecting the group’s insights following personal journeys. The rock band consist of four anxious types yet join forces to create strutting releases fuelled by personal angles and meaning. This emotionally charged track invites listeners to embrace the present and seek deeper connections with others while embarking on the thrilling journey of life. 


Over the past 2 years since their formation, The Lunar Keys have been steadily building a dedicated following. People seem to be drawn to their self-proclaimed selling points: a unique blend of rock, infused raw energy and thought-provoking melodies.


88 Train’ has this almost coming of age feeling, starting in synth-laden territory with a guitar riff that could easily accelerate romanticised thoughts. Harmonies filter through as a direct bass line is a welcome addition and lyrics vary from the basic humdrum of travel – to introspective thought processes e.g.: “All the passengers don’t speak, but I feel so loud”. There’s a feeling of contrast and internal energy, against that of seemingly normal life.



This latest track, really presents the band’s most recent strides of maturity. Ending with a brilliant guitar section as flying harmonies soar, this isn’t just a throwaway anthem – there’s a genuine musical ability present.


Previous Lunar Keys releases have enjoyed hundreds of reviews, more than 475,000 views and streams and over 4000 plays from more than 400 radio stations including Planet Rock, BBC Wales, Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing, where 4 of the band’s singles enjoyed Track of the Week.


If new material is anything to go by, The Lunar Keys are set to pick up even more admirers – and passengers on the ’88 Train’.