VANDA’s ‘Fairytale’: The Third Single Release That Teases Upcoming Album

Published on 23 August 2023 at 08:36

Words: Max Bradfield


Chicago-born singer-songwriter Vanda released her latest single back on the 21st of July and it’s one that will likely have her fans excited. ‘Fairytale’ sees the songstress bare her emotions in this ballad that comes as the third prelude to her hotly anticipated debut album ‘Sober In Another Life’.


‘Fairytale’ effectively questions the true nature of Vanda’s feelings – with an onus on her happiness: 

'Fairytale’ is an emotional ballad written from the point of view of someone wondering if life has any more to offer, or if this is the best it gets. Live instruments, sweeping cinematic sounds and soaring vocals sets Fairytale on a journey that continues to grow and change to the very last chord.


Recommended as the best material for a listener’s much needed cry session, ‘Fairytale’ arrives in the artist’s arsenal amidst much acclaim. As of 2023, Vanda’s work has accumulated serious numbers – over a whopping 1.5 million streams have been racked up and now, as she continues to grow her musical personality and online presence, Vanda pushes her own boundaries and style.


Mainly, she has been compared to that of influences Charlie XCX, Audrey Nuna, and Remi Wolf – all the while presenting a mixed writing style similar to that of Sasha Sloan and Jessie Reyes.



Many fans are set to be awaiting this upcoming album – and the breakdown of her online listenership is quite intriguing. 


Out of over 36,000 monthly listeners, those are split territorially via the USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Australia. So, if she was looking for ideas for a tour – she’d certainly be received well in those loyal areas. 


Keep your ears open for Vanda’s debut album release and keep tabs on the artist via her much-plugged Instagram: @itsvandamusic