LISSY TAYLOR Adds To Her Astounding Catalogue With Latest Addictive Release 'Feel For Me'

Published on 30 August 2023 at 12:07



It is a compliment in itself that, even at just 23 years old, we are surprised that Stoke-on-Trent’s Lissy Taylor doesn’t have a complete playlist made for her by Spotify yet. 


The other night, in anticipation of writing a review for her latest track ‘Feel for me’, it dawned on me that everything she touches turns to musical gold. As a self-confessed fan of her work, I already knew this. But going through her entire discography was an epiphanous reminder of her consistency to piece together songs that never feel the effects of rust from time and growth.


Every time I have returned to ‘Ghost in a Summer Dream’, I have fallen in love with the progressive nature that perfectly adds to the ensemble of Lissy’s dream pop style chorus and her vocal ambience, all over again. Meanwhile, the smash single ‘She’s a Stunner’ offers listeners with a glimpse of her life in Manchester, with anthemic indie hooks plotting Lissy’s name on the British rock map, before ‘High’ forces us to ditch everything we thought we knew about her as she revisits her American influences and strips back the eclectic and ceaseless energy heard in more recent barnstormers in favour of a more meticulous creative process where minor details are magnified, placing focus on a listener’s ability to listen to Lissy and feel like they’re tuning into a new artist from one song to the next.


With ‘Feel for Me’, the approach is likened closer to her hit singles. It is for thrill seekers. Earth-shaking rhythm and monumental drops – the latest release is a rollercoaster of emotion from anticipation to drop. It is three and a half minutes of pure ecstasy as Lissy shows off her fiery guitar riffs and complements it with her vocal intensity.



She explained that the song is about relationships and the journey they take – from starting a new relationship to feelings of wanting to be understood and questioning if a relationship is right for you. It captures the various stages of a bond, from a lease of new hope to desire, frustration, and inevitable heartbreak. 


It once again shows Lissy’s musical fluidity, with the ability to write addictive anthems showcased this time, while previous releases have entailed indie-pop to alternative rock and many others.


After a successful run of UK festivals and support slots, we are sure there’s plenty to come from Lissy before 2023 is done and dusted. 


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