'Electric Nights' Is The Entrancing Latest Release From EMMROSE

Published on 5 September 2023 at 13:10



Sonically, musicians aren’t ahead of the curve when they create songs that evoke certain feelings or emotions. For as long as music has been around, the human psyche has been the crux of performing arts.


But it takes something special to take it to the next level and create a whole world of sound. In her latest single ‘Electric Nights’, this is what Brooklyn indie-pop artist Emmrose achieves alongside the co-writing and production brilliance of Richard Orofino.


The pair met in 2020 when they were coupled together as songwriters by the music label Secret Road where they wrote past Emmrose releases ‘Afterlife’ and ‘Ragdoll’, and the two have been collaborating on music ever since.


Written in one afternoon session, ‘Electric Nights’ is inspired by dreamy synths, guitars, drums dripping in heavy reverb from classic 80s pop music, as well as more contemporary art painted by bands like Beach House and Cigarettes After Sex



The cinematic lyrics were forged by Emmrose, who imagined a scene of a John Hughes style movie where the lead character is rejected by the most popular girl at school, only to end up going to prom by himself. 


It is for these reasons that an immersive world is built for this latest song. Through cinematic lyricism and profound sonic landscape, you feel from the start that you are entranced into the madcap world of Emmrose.


Perhaps her finest piece to date, it should not, however, be forgotten that there are 19 other singles waiting to be tried out. And to add to that growing archive of alluring tracks, she has recently released her second full-length album ‘Thorns’. 


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