ALEX JAMES’ Crisp, Clear and Direct Sound Is Displayed On Latest Release ‘Waiting For Something’

Published on 15 September 2023 at 15:25

Words: Max Bradfield

Alex James’ latest release came out back at the start of August, and the band from the northeast have impressed again. I first covered this band, with their charismatic charm and presence, back on the 2022 track ‘Tell Me’ – and with ‘Waiting For Something’ it’s clear the band continue to improve and find their sound.


‘Waiting For Something’ takes absolutely no time to get going and starts with direct guitar. Just as listeners get wrapped up within this sweet and surging line, Alex James (the eponymous) lead enters the fray, pouring vocal power and character at the very forefront of his performance. 


The band reflect on their latest song’s origins in the press release:

Waiting For Something’ or WFS for short, is a track written for those who find themselves waiting for something to come their way that will change their lives for the better. This track is the amalgamation of punchy bass lines, memorable riffs and catchy vocal melody lines. It is an immersive experience for those who enjoy listening close to the lyrics but also for those who love a good dance and sing. This one is guaranteed to get stuck in your head.


They’re not wrong, as it’s certainly a tune that sounds like it could thrive in a live space. Backing ‘oohs’ and a real catchy chorus make it a tune that audiences can latch on to. Plus, a sumptuous, soaring solo simply summarises the band’s musical motivations. Pace, power, electricity and skill – it’s bound to get people on side. 



As well as some solid musical intentions, Alex James’ band of course arrives with a brilliant mission statement. Their musical ability is such that it feels unneeded to mention this, yet one aspect that is truly owned – is the matter of DMD. Indeed, lead singer Alex has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy – and his band look to inspire others with disabilities to come forward and take hold of their flourishing creativity. The band are proudly working on improving accessibility across the music scene, working with venues directly, as well as raising awareness towards DMD. 


Great track, top band. As alluded to in a previous article, gig-season arrives soon with autumn, so look out for Alex James ever present sounds in venues near you. 


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