‘Empty Home’: An Entropic Evaluation By The Prog Rock, Grunge Loving CRUX

Published on 25 September 2023 at 20:36

Words: Max Bradfield


With so many songs I’ve reviewed, inspiration has been born out of the Covid pandemic, and with ‘Empty Home’ these origins are no different. Finally released back on the 17th of August, Crux’s latest single is a product of music’s lockdown era and tells the story of isolation and discontent we all collectively felt – all the while utilising a striking, home-based metaphor.


In this track that was recorded at Blank Studios and crisply produced by Sam Grant (of Pigs x7) a melancholic guitar line signals lift off along with an intimate drumbeat that paces the song steadily. Backing synth chimes and vocals strengthen an intriguing lead vocal that although sits on the lighter side, still drags listeners to its intended direction. 


Metaphors of the ‘Empty Home’ run parallel to effectively what was two years lost. Entropy, or the emphasis of time’s ruthlessness is illustrated with great imagery of a slowly declining interior. The inside of an ideal home is supposed to be untouched by the outside world’s trials. 


Home is where the heart is and all that jazz. It should be a fortress. However, written during lockdowns, Crux’s use of this metaphor shows how the strain of the world has led to neglect where it matters. Overwhelmed, a once safe place has been penetrated by overpowering negativity as the walls close in. “The pipes are beginning to burst”, “the water pools and there’s mould growing on the walls”, “time has stopped as the structure slowly sinks.”


Crux’s approach to creating engaging songs with meaningful intent has drawn great praise. While infatuated with the addressing of real life global and local issues, Scope Magazine stated lyricism “makes them all the more appealing in an industry where songs can often be very superficial.”


They’re not wrong, as I’d have to agree. Ear To The Ground one upped Scope and gushed “Crux are an act that any listener can get behind. Not only do they have enviable talent and riffs for days, but the guys are genuinely conscious human beings.”



So, touted by many to make their mark on the scene – I’m left to keep my eyes peeled as gig season rolls around. But what of their live work so far? Well, especially in Newcastle, Crux have more than established themselves – headlining the Engine Room, The Globe, Little Buildings, HMV Newcastle and O2 Academy Newcastle. They’ve also made waves at local festivals, Scoop, Afterlight, and the Canny Fringe Festival. 


Looking to build on Send Me Your Ears’ ‘2022 Favourites’ selection, 2023 could end on a high for the four piece who continue to pick up admirers from all over – most notably of late Tom Robinson of BBC Radio 6 and Nicky Roberts of BBC Newcastle. 


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