Discover 'Hypocentre', The Latest Ethereal And Absorbing Release From MOLLY WILLIS

Published on 26 September 2023 at 18:15



When Molly got in touch with us over her new single “Hypocentre”, we could tell from the very start of the conversation that she was keen to leave us with a good first impression.


And she certainly did.


However, when trying to piece together the words to describe her song, as she calculated her reasoning for why we should feature her song on the website, she failed to do her work justice.


I think you should write about my song Hypocentre because how many songs are there with Buffy The Vampire Slayer references, lyrics about comedowns and how September can "do one", Khruangbin influences AND that were recorded at a college?she told us. 


Sure, Molly Willis wasn’t wrong. We suppose the intention was to stand out. But to draw attention to only these sentiments that make up the structure of “Hypocentre” reminds us of the tip of the iceberg image.


Her little teaser for us only scratched the surface.


But beneath the water-level, an ethereal and absorbing creation that Molly Willis, a BBC Introducing Norfolk and Suffolk favourite, has puzzled together brings life to a fun song that came from a dark place.



“Hypocentre” is a psychedelic, knows-no-bound rock song that plays around delicately with the feelings of restlessness and recklessness, exploring the boundaries of boredom until they spill over into a self-destructive fantasy.


In short, it is a complex construction with layer upon layer of emotion intertwined with deep inner thoughts and examination. This is ostensible both lyrically and sonically as reverb-drenched riffs complement Molly’s quivering vocals in an almost lo-fi sounding masterpiece.


When Molly first got in touch with us, we could tell she may have a reserved personality. Yet, through her music, she explodes into life. It takes us back to the iceberg depiction again as we are taken deep into the complexities of Molly’s mind – a cognitive factory suited for songs that entail sadness and mystery.


An eye for detail, a mind for processing intricate webs of thought, and certainly ears for music that will be loved by many. 


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