CHASING SHADOWS’ ‘Emily’ - A Clean Cut Slice Of Indie Rock

Published on 3 October 2023 at 10:07

Words: Max Bradfield


At the back end of summer Wales-based quartet Chasing Shadows released ‘Emily’ – a great crowd mover of a track with infectious tones that leaves a mark with listeners far and wide.


Admittedly, this track got lost amidst a litany of emails (sorry guys) but now sitting down and listening to the track from way back on the 18th of August, it’s a brilliant showing of the group’s slick indie rock capabilities and more than makes up for lost time.


Effectively, ‘Emily’ reflects Chasing Shadows’ self-proclaimed signature sound – moulding together catchy riffs, strong melodies and a memorable chorus to create a truly captivating track. Like this review in itself, the song took a while to complete. Initially, the band started piecing together the song back in April 2022, and finished it in the April of 2023. 


‘Emily’ was recorded at Orange Recording Studio in Penmaenmawr, North Wales, with the support of BBC Wales Horizons/Gorwelion – and it’s clear from just a handful of listens that the band have put a lot into the clean all-round sound. 


There’s a sort of coming-of-age projection to this tune, with a really likeable lead vocal that pairs brilliantly with smooth instrumental output and catchy melody. Plus, the band has a great onus on living in the moment – transferring this message through the titular ‘Emily’. The uplifting nature of this one is hard to ignore.


We got one life, one chance / it’s all that we’ve got / don’t waste a moment to make it our night / because all we do is live and learn today


Sam Roberts on the band’s energetic ‘Emily’:

"From the second we first played this in practice, we loved Emily. It was one of those tracks that we just could stop playing, and it all came about so quickly. We’re really excited to have it out in the world for everyone to finally hear!"


This tune builds off some solid foundations for the band. The previous EP was well received, and the groups have amassed over 20,000 streams on these tracks alone. The single prior, ‘Lost’, had an incredible response with countless radio plays across the UK but also remarkably in the Netherlands, South Africa and even Brazil. There’s much more to come for the band, especially as they finalise their latest EP – which is said to be ready in late 2023.


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