THE CRYSTAL TEARDROP Bring Unsigned Psychedelic Supremacy To The Fore With ‘By The River’

Published on 9 October 2023 at 12:34

Words: Max Bradfield


In mid-September, The Crystal Teardrop released their second single – ‘By The River’, and unsurprisingly it’s as good as their debut ‘Nine Times Nine’. 


What immediately grabs listeners when pressing play on The Crystal Teardrop’s soon-to-be growing discography, is a certain enchantment. ‘By The River’ instantly brings forth a throwback bundle of sounds that present the band’s penchant and unique take on classic 1960s instrumentation.


There’s a distinctive Eastern grab to this latest single, as Lucian Thomas’ sitar winds wonderfully amidst a smoky entanglement of striking rhythm (Connor Wells), luscious Tame Impala-like bass, and stereo-flecked guitar (Leon Jones). The vocals of lead Alexandra Rose paired with bassist Caitlin Hare’s backing, add a sublime depth and further texture to this already rich psychedelic tapestry.


The song is a veritable time capsule – a constantly shifting trance through time. As the start and finish of the song use a nicely employed fade in and out, it’s almost like The Crystal Teardrop’s realm is a constant. We the listeners just have to choose when we want to visit this other world of mandolas, shimmering guitars, and kaleidoscopic daydreams. 



It’s easy to get lost in the raw sound – there are strong storied motifs at heart, as the band’s press explain:

The mysterious twists and turns of ‘By The River’s’ narrative seek to highlight the profound nature of love, loss and the human condition. The track’s musical structure adds to the ethereal and immersive lyrical theme and encourages the listener to reflect on what is truly significant for each of us. The release of the single will be accompanied by a video directed by James Shuker.


Having made their dramatic debut at London’s Le Beat Festival earlier this year, the group continue to perform throughout the country and will be appearing in Liverpool, Birmingham, Leicester and Manchester among other cities this autumn promoting their latest music. Ever-more exciting is of course the news that the band look to follow up their first two great singles – with further material to be released in 2024. 


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