ALICE PISANO’s September Single ‘Back To Her’: Mood-Boosting Pop In Light Of Relationship Drama

Published on 16 October 2023 at 11:49

Words: Max Bradfield


Alice Pisano has made a name for herself so far covering the many trials and tribulations of young love, and in her September release ‘Back To Her’, the BBC Introducing stalwart sings of dating someone who’s not over their ex. 


Pisano’s motif and sound contrast each other yet play nicely in a space where instead of clashing; dovetail to create synthy pop that both industry heads and listeners can enjoy. The chords are relatively formulaic, but their crisp tone and Alice’s inflections and engaging melodies captivate the ear. The keys are both mellow and jumpy in different instances, perhaps a hint at the whirlwind nature of modern relationships – do you walk away while they struggle to get over prior events, or fall for them further?


Alice said of her track

I’d been on a few dates with this guy who couldn’t stop talking about his ex, to the point where it became clear he was still not over her – which seems to be a pretty typical situation, so many of my friends have been through it too. It’s about realising you should probably walk away, though that can be hard especially if you’re starting to fall for them”.


Pisano released her EP ‘Shattered but Still Cool’ in February this year. Accumulating a huge amount of Spotify editorial support, the singles from the EP made their way to Spotify's Global Fresh Finds playlist, 6 New Music Fridays, New Pop UK, as well as many more editorial playlists. Not only has Pisano’s brand of silkily-voiced pop hit wide acclaim on Spotify (this latest track already enjoys over 12,000 plays), she has made a dent on the London scene. 


As said, BBC Introducing picked up on her natural ability to pen relatable relationship songs and have supported her extensively. A prior track ‘Boys Like You’ was regularly played on BBC Radio Wales and Pisano was also interviewed live by H from Steps on his Friday Night show. ‘Ink’ entered the iTunes Pop Charts and was played on BBC Radio London by Jess Iszatt on BBC Introducing. 



With the EP ‘Shattered but Still Cool’, Pisano hit a major milestone in her career, as three tracks from it were played on BBC Radio 1’s Future Pop Show. BBC Radio 1’s Maia Beth even went as far to brand Pisano:

“A true pop princess”.


This latest release employs a clarity in both Pisano’s engaging delivery and thumping beat, as well as keys that hit Kygo-like levels. This sounds like a good track to run to, yet while addressing key, often uncomfortable subjects – Pisano herself has no intention of doing so. 


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