'Frank Says' Delves Into The Creative Mind Of BALLOON SHED

Published on 24 October 2023 at 00:58


Balloon Shed, the brain child of the bedroom pop artist Rowan Davies, recently released his new track, 'Frank Says'. The Bristol-based singer and songwriter has a knack for moulding a great track and this latest single is no exception.


Rowan wears his music on his sleeve, and it obvious that he is proud to be offbeat - the single is a fine introduction to his highly creative mind. With lo-fi credibility secure, he draws upon inspiration from 90s and 90's alt-rock acts while forming his own unique score.

The opening guitar chords are reminiscent of 90's US indie-rock that would set well on the soundtrack of My So-Called Life. An authentic vocal follows, with the production being endearingly lo-fi. 


A shed full of balloons


The man himself says of 'Frank Says': "... it imagines Pixies frontman Black Francis as a prophet of humanity's doom who leads his followers on an expedition of interplanetary colonisation. So there's that..."


With a self-titled EP slated for release later this year, and previous single 'Prick' also available to listen to now, we are slowly being introduced to a brilliant mind. Balloon Shed clearly has a distinct passion for all things music and we can't wait to hear what he has up his sleeve.


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