CARL KAMMEYER Talks About His Latest Single Release 'One'

Published on 26 October 2023 at 20:48


OSM: Your new song 'One' is out now. How has the song been received?

I have been getting great feedback about the message and the vibe of the song, the fans have received One well with open arms.


OSM: What was the writing process of the track and where was it recorded?


It was a lot of back and forth editing and polishing of writing the lyrics. It was recorded in my home studio.

OSM: Is there a message in the song, as the writer what is it about?

The song One is about standing together in unity.


OSM: Who are some of your influences, from the past or now?
My mother started me out on this musical journey by buying me a keyboard for Christmas, she was the one who influenced me,

OSM: What can readers look forward to from Carl Kammeyer? Do you have a new release on the horizon?
I am working on new music right now that I am so excited about and can't wait to share it with fans.

OSM: If you could perform with another artist, who would it be?

Any artist would be fine with me, as long as they love music just as much as I do.


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