Discover CLARE EASDOWN’s Latest Dose Of Emotive Medication: ‘Scopolamine’

Published on 3 November 2023 at 11:32

Words: Max Bradfield


In the back end of September, Sydney based singer-songwriter Clare Easdown released her single ‘Scopolamine’. With a truly atmospheric feel, this reverb-kissed showing soars with touching melodies and addictive harmonies. Fitting, as the addressed subject lover is Clare’s “drug of choice”. 


From the song’s mellow first guitar note amidst a humming buzz, there’s a deep maturity and emotion that intertwines Clare with her subject who is seemingly lost. 


The reverb space is almost reminiscent of the void left by this person whom Easdown is “brutality in love” with and with whom she “can’t help but fall apart” when they’re not close.


She recalled of her ethereal, harmony-layered outpouring:

“‘Scopolamine’ is a torn and shredded part of my heart draped into lyrics, melody and beats expressing my ever present sadness and knowing that I will most likely never hear or see the one that I love ever again.”


It has been several years and after many manic and crazed attempts of trying to make contact I have realised what I want may most likely never come into fruition.”



There is this element of tragedy as Easdown confirms: 


"Scopolamine" is a love song gone wrong, with a brutal, painful, longing rippling throughout its core. It is open heart surgery, expressing the notion that love is deeper than an abyss and can be as painful as falling into one too.


However, with the open ended nature of the wispy chords - it’s easy to find hope at the song’s close. Maybe Clare’s love will return? We can but hope - for this is truly romance.


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