SWiiMS Discuss Their Great Album 'Into The Blue Night'

Published on 14 November 2023 at 14:50


Swiims - you have just released your debut album 'Into The Blue Night' - how proud of this are you as a band?

We couldn’t be more proud. It took a lot for us to finally be able to record and release these 12 songs. We’ve been through a pandemic and each of us had personal journeys to get through. We took our time but in the end it was definitely worth it.

Where was the album recorded and what was is the band's general approach to song writing?

The album was recorded at Candle Recording Studio, with Josh Korody who’s an iconic Toronto producer, expert in indie and rock albums among many other genres. He did an amazing job at capturing each song’s identity and maximizing it to the fullest.

So far, our approach to writing songs has been shaped by the pandemic - we’ve found this way of virtually collaborating with each other. Even now, after COVID, it’s very easy for us to bounce initial ideas off to each other, while making good use of our personal time. Of course, once we have a basic idea we like to jam it out in person to give it a tangible shape.

Is there an overall theme of the record, what can listeners new to Swiims expect?

There are multiple themes on “Into The Blue Night”. The primary ones would be balancing falling in love and the doom of a lingering pandemic. How one affects the other.

Did anything or any other artists help shape the songs on the album?

There are lots of inspirational musicians that we love, who helped to shape our sound. Too many to name, but we take inspiration from those looking to make new and interesting music.



'In Puzzles' is our favourite track on the album - what can you tell us about that song?

“In Puzzles” is about meeting someone new and trying to enjoy every moment while getting to know the other person. Mai was starting a new relationship at the time and didn’t want to rush things - even if it didn’t work out it’s lovely to savour it, living fully in the moment in company of someone you care about and see without any rush where it can lead to.

'In Puzzles' also has a great music video for it - was that fun to put together and what can viewers expect from the music video?

For the “In Puzzles” video we had a lot of fun coming up with the idea and then shooting it. We had this initial concept of a first date gone wrong. As you’ll see in the video, each date gift is destroyed, and the story is told backwards also using Mai’s shirt as a metaphor. The whole idea brings out some contrast to the hope that the music conveys versus the heartbreak and destruction shown in the video.

You've released your acclaimed EP 'Through Waves' and now the debut album 'Into The Blue Night' - what can we expect from the band on the future?

We want to keep evolving as musicians and artists. We love what we do and we are looking forward to creating more music and playing shows in the future.


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