'Every Story Ever Told' Is A Mesmerizing Cut From THE TRUDY'S New Mini-Album

Published on 8 December 2023 at 09:43


The long-standing band The Trudy recently released their finest work to date in captivating new single 'Every Story Ever Told'. This track follows up the well received single release 'Dear Sancho' and solidifies The Trudy as pioneers of '"pop poetry".


Fresh and colourful, 'Every Story Ever Told' is an acoustic led effort that builds to a soaring climax. A true aural journey, it provides an insight into writer and lead vocalist Melissa Jo Heathcote’s psyche. This single preceded the band's mini-album release 'Outside Time' which is a fine collection of songs - most notably standout track 'The Arrival' piqued our interest. 



'Every Story Ever Told' was released along with a great music video (above). With several positive comments about the song and the video as well as strong reviews of previous releases, The Trudy seem to capture the imagination of anyone who listens. 


The band originally formed in 1979 by former Cardiacs member Peter Tagg and they released a string of successful singles before disbanding in the mid-90's. Ten years later, The Trudy resurfaced and since then have several key singles including a cover of 'Day Is Gone' which received support from BBC 6 Music. 


With this release and the subsequent mini-album, The Trudy have put a stamp on what has to be their most exciting year to date. 


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