MUTES Unleash Fiery Track 'Mere Slaughter'

Published on 11 December 2023 at 09:26

By Jozef Kostecki


Releasing new music for the first time in over two-and-a-half years, Birmingham natives Mutes have returned to the scene in full force with their latest single ‘Mere Slaughter.’ 


The first release off their upcoming fourth album, it is a track that though brash has subtlety to it. The group aren’t spelling everything out for you, but they’re making it clear that in the current climate of Great Britain it’s not just the weather that’s dismal and grey, it’s every decision made by the criminals in charge. 


The irony of a band called Mutes creating such a distinctive sound will not be lost on few who take the time to listen to it. The track is heavy and layered without coming across in any way as needlessly violent or overly forceful. The tone matches the lyrics and the message isn’t lost along the way. 


Ultimately the lyrics only make up so much of the song, with much of it instrumental, harkening back to their most popular track in 2021’s Dragged by the Hand. Both the instrumental sections, as well as the overall musical package, highlights the band’s decision to record the song live as opposed to in a recording studio.



It’s a choice that serves to benefit both the band as well as the listener. The former was forced into matching the intensity and rawness that could be expected of their live shows, whilst the latter gets to experience a taste of what is to come from those same shows with just one live date announced for 2024 as of the time of writing. 


That aforementioned sole live date announced is a 23rd of February performance in Nottingham's The Chameleon, with tickets available from under £10.


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