ABOUT-FACES Continue To Impress With Latest Synth-Dipped Single ‘Cinematic and Chrome’

Published on 13 December 2023 at 09:18

Words: Max Bradfield


The last time I reviewed about-faces, was back when they brought out the suave single ‘Under The Sun’. Expectations were high, and it’s safe to say that with their latest effort ‘Cinematic and Chrome’, the standards were met with a trademark slick and nonchalant ease. Arriving back on the 7th of December, this release comes hot off the back of two super 2023 singles ‘Under The Sun’ (of course the debut), and ‘The River’. 


Listeners are instantly greeted by the song’s upbeat tones - delivered by cool synth lines that dovetail with subtle guitars smoothly. It’s an audible capsule of bliss, like contemporary indie was put in a blender with 80’s inspirations. That said, with a sound reminiscent to Blossoms and Clean Cut Kid - it’s clear that synth inflections have become a stalwart of the genre. 


Additionally, with the mention of the latter - it’s key to mention that about-faces share a brilliant trait. This is the pairing of male and female vocals, with lead singer Sennen Ludman working together with Danielle Capstick and the instrumentals in the back to create a real aura and chemistry through the song.


Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, Ludman shared: 


‘"his song is a love song, detailing how complicated love can be. Are they in love, out of love, or have they ever truly been in love? Hypothetically, the song depicts two lovers who find themselves in the modern world. 'Cinematic and Chrome' is my depiction of utopia, something theatrical and shiny, authentic and impressive." 


With Ludman’s given motifs, this shines out of the music evidently with the paired vocals’ chemistry and the musical tones. Furthermore, lyrics contribute to the mental imagery and the wider navigation of about-faces’ shiny modern utopia where love is an uncertainty. Lyrics navigate a tricky topic.


Have they ever truly been in love? “Found love in the autumn / decayed in the summer” 


Is she in love (echoed by Ludman)? “She swears she’s never leaving / because she just believes in her little theory of one step at a time”


This much-anticipated single had an exclusive preview on Radio X by John Kennedy on December 2nd, solidified about-faces' position as a rising force in the music scene.


Basking in the glow of their previous accomplishments, including features on BBC Leeds, a standout performance at the 'By The Sea' Festival selected by BBC Introducing, and recognition as Danielle Perry's self-released artist of the month, about-faces continues to make waves. Their music has previously found a home on popular Spotify playlists such as 'Fresh Finds' and 'We Are Leeds.' With ‘Cinematic and Chrome’ and seemingly almost every passing release, about-faces are sure to be heading up more and more playlists.


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